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Super Finder XT - Standard version
(Supporters version here)
Download now!

Classic view (Simple mode) - More screenshots here

Info: Powerful replacement for Windows XP built-in search.
Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.

Are you frustrated by the standard search utility? Try Super Finder!

An example: Windows XP search utility won't search the source codes for html file, but Super Finder does, and that's very useful for web designers. Right-click on the results, and you get the usual context menu, letting you open the html files with notepad or our preferred editor. (this is just one of many cases that Super Finder can solve)

Some features:

- *NEW* Customizable font size.

- More search speed and special search functions.
- "True" search text (plain or unicode!) in file.
- Search for hexadecimal pattern in file.
- Full wildcard support.
- Exclusion list, by file extensions or full/partial name.
- Works from Windows XP to Windows 10 both 32 and 64-bit
- Two view modes, XT and Classic.
- Two operating modes, Simple and Advanced:

XT view (Simple mode)

XT view (Advanced mode)

- Predefined paths selection panel:

Predefined search paths

- Totally rewritten GUI.
- Selectable Color Schemes (Skins):

- Plugins support.
    To implement new search features without reinstalling Super Finder XT.
- Selectable search also for folders.
- Remember all last settings (selectable).
- Shell integration (right-click contextual menu on drives and folders).
- Multiple instances capability (Polygamy)
- Program activation by pressing "Search" hotkey on keyboard.
- Drag & Drop (or Copy) of found files.
- Right click on found files: activate the Explorer contextual popup menu.
- One-click file operations: Open, Copy, Delete, Explore, Rename, Properties.
- Files icon and extension column for found files list:

- Inspired from simple layout of old (but good) Windows NT built-in search.
- Automatic (and manual) check for program updates.
- Character Set management to support translation into non-latin languages (i.e. Russian, Chinese, etc..).
- "Smart Search mode": allow to search for similar names without type the asterisk (*) character at the begin or end of partial file name or extension to search.
- Tray Icon management and Tray Bar menu.

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,
Dutch, English, French, Galician, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian,
Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian,
Valencian and Vietnamese.
We need translators for other languages... free contact FSL Contact Us


Get the last version of Super Finder XT from the download page: Download

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