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Super Finder XT - Supporters Edition
(Standard version here)

Classic view, Simple mode, and found files multiple selection

Info: Super Finder XT Special release for Supporters

Features: All the Standard Version features, plus:

*NEW* Portable (traveller) mode: suitable for run Super Finder XT from a removable disks (i.e. USB pen disk, Flash Disk or external storage disk).

Multiple items selection. With this feature You can:
  • Delete multiple files or folder (suitable i.e. for disk cleaning, by searching and removing temporary files).
  • Copy multiple files or folder to specific path.
  • Show properties for all selected items.
  • Open multiple items with associated programs.
  • Explore (open) multiple folders containing selected items.
  • Drag and drop (copy) multiple items to specific path.
MRU (most recent used) management for all edit fields. Examples:

File name field:

Path field:

Capability to use the any character "?" wildcard for search contents

Recycle Bin Deep Scan option

** New ** SpeedUp: a customizable excluded paths list, in order to speed up the search process:

** New ** Print features: preview and print of the found files list:

** New ** Export features: export the found files list to text, MS Excel™, HTML files or to the Clipboard:

** New ** Rules Management: create, open or save search rules:

Custom Shortcut: to activate Super Finder with a key (or keys combination) of our choice

More special features are currently under development.

This version is free but is available only for Supporters: Supporters
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