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Developer's Tips & Tricks - Supporters Edition
(Standard version here)

The main view.

Info: Developer's Tips & Tricks Special release for Supporters

Features: All the Standard Version features, plus:

Tips search (with inner Super Finder engine).
With this feature You can search for Tip(s) into all Tips & Tricks database for:
  - Tips title (name of Tip), partial or complete
  - word or phrase contained into Tips body with capability to use "?" wildcards into search phrase

Tips Search dialog sample:

Codefolding for C#, C, CPP, Pascal and Delphi.

Codefolding sample:

Export tip to RTF file (MS Word™ compatible).

Export tip to HTML formatted file.

Minimize and/or Close to Tray Bar option.

Customizable HotKey to restore DTT from Tray Bar, Task Bar or simply to bring to front DTT if behind other programs.

More special features are currently under development.

This version is free but is available only for Supporters: Supporters

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